At Shapestone we have in-depth
experience with the latest
technologies and tools

Jump the Gap


Scalable architectures with
Angular.js, Backbone, Bootstrap
REST, Node.js, Java, JavaScript

AngularJS and HTML5


iOS, Android
Smart Phones, Tablets


Big Data
Machine Learning

Elastic Search
Hadoop, Mahout

Cost Effective Solutions to Complex Problems

In today's cut-throat global economy you need a trusted partner to help you with your projects. Unfortunately there are no golden hammers. Talent and technology are the main difference between success and failure. At Shapestone we combine passionate and talented people with the right choice of technology. This allows us to provide cost effective solutions to complex problems, and have a clear focus on project success.

Project Work

We can help you with your projects. We take on existing projects, or help you realize your ideas by taking the project from the beginning to a finished product. We can also augment your existing team to provide technical expertise or provide additional capacity.


We draw from our experience and provide a variety of services. We can help you with your software delivery process from start to finish. We can help you evaluate candidates for a team. We can help you with your software architecture and perform an architectural review. If you need help in this area please contact us and we'll find out if we can help.

Contract Work

You need people with specialized skills to work on your project. We have a broad network of trusted software developers with a variety of skill sets. Some of our specialties are: Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, Solr, Elastic Search, Backbone, Angular, MongoDB and Hadoop. For a full list of what we have to offer click here to read more.

Welcome To Shapestone

Shapestone is a forward thinking project partner and consulting company. We have a keen focus on using the right people, solutions and tools on projects. We're passionate about what we do and we're easy to work with.

  • Expert knowledge with modern frameworks and tools
  • Solid experience in delivery of software products from start to finish
  • We have an agile mindset and a clear focus on solutions and delivery
  • Passionate about technology and using it to create awesome products

How We Think

It's not about using the latest buzzword compliant technologies. You need to use the right people, solutions and tools to create a winning product.

CTO, Michael Sundell

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